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are you ready to double down. baltimore need as lesson. >> this is not the video that you want to see before you take your kids to the bus stop. how does this happen. >> they need the help they can get. some are on their way to get the lights back on this morning. >> and it is thursday morning. let's get to lynette. things could be changing with the weather. you have to know how to dress before heading out. >> a good change. good news to deliver to everyone. and you have been tired of being cold. the pattern will go up here. let's see what is going on. and as of now things are drying out as that nor'easter pushing away from us. and heading towards new england and dropping the snow and rain across new hampshire and vermont and maine, but we're
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dry now. we'll stay that way throughout the day. we will deal with still the windy conditions and the cold conditions n annapolis and 41 in east ton and glen wood. we have a wind chill out of the northwest at 5 to 15. today this morning and it will make it feel chillier than that. in some spots the 20s. as we go throughout the day we're starting off with clouds but they will decrease as we go through time. 50 is the high. it will be windy and sun but that will not warm that temperature that up much. let's get a check now. >> we are still dealing with the massive water main break. and it is shut down from north avenue up to penn station if you are traveling in the area you will want to -- want to use calvert street or 83. this is a live look.
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that water is still flooding the area so. avoid the neighborhood if at all possible. there is a detour but you will want to expect delays if you want to venture out this way. no word on when it will be fixed. >> it will take time. downtown at 395. traffic is moving along but we are dealing with the crash northbound at 32. causing delays at 175. 695 here clear. no problems out there. if you are traveling on the beltway, normal conditions now. eight minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 to 70. no concerns this morning out on the jfx. this is an 11-minute ride from the beltway to fayette street. that's time saver traffic. back to you. after the vote to pass question 7 on gaming in maryland now comes the questions concerning the
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gambling. >> and they will answer some of those questions. and we're here to explain. >> it will have their first media briefing today. this is after question seven was passed on tuesday. this involved expanded gambling. now the executives want to answer a few questions here. john payne the president of enterprise shared services and chat barn hill the senior vp and gm of seize yards entertainment will host that meeting. there are a number of questions, including what does the measure's adoption mean for baltimore's casino and what will the change bring. they will be answered today and the passage of question seven allow as las vegas-style casino and table games like black jack at the authorized slots locations. and maryland live said that it would hire 1200 new employees
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for table games. they plan to hire and train many dealers immediately. and maryland's gambling regulators said the significantsy has started drafting regulations. the news briefing will be at 2 p.m. at hotel monco. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news pgh if you are flying out expect plenty of company. 24million people are expected to fly out of town for the holiday. that's according to a trade group. that's an increase of 150,000 passengers from last year. so if you are looking to save money and some elbow room, consider flying on thanksgiving day. and think about booking an alternate airport that may be offering lower fees. and more help is on the way for people struggling in the dark and cold from sandy. verizon is sending about 600 technicians up north to restore
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power. it leaves from perryville in two hours. we're seeing video last summer a pilot suspected of murder tried steal a jet. efficient drove it through the airport grounds and crashing into fences and knocking down power lines before crashing into the terminal. and he committed suicide before cobe arrested. >> take a look at this a bus that was wedged into an apartment building in dallas, texas. two students were injured five were inside at the time. nobody was hurt. it is unclear whether the driver had some sort of health issue or the bus had a mechanical failure that caused it to crash. how about mr. jacksun. >> i know. >> one of the jacksons changing their name. why? he is changing his name. it may sound similar but spelled differently. and taking on bullies fought for human rights now
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writing a big check. how lady gaga is helping out today. and all right. and the temperature now is coming in at 39 degrees. maryland is drying out if you want to track the storm you have to head up north. we'll be right back.
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lady gaga is donating 1 million-dollars to help the victims of sandy. >> she said it will go to the red cross on behalf of herself, parents and sister. she was born in new york. other news for you this morning, jermaine jackson is thinking about changing his name. he wants to spell it sun instead of son. he said he is doing it for artistic reasons. he has been touring with his brother and has been promoting
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a book that he wrote about his brother entitled you are not alone. could there be a 51st state? >> what it means now that the majority showed their support to change the island's studies to a u.s. territory. a victory dance. why this toddler from maryland is so excited. show us the moves. >> the nor'easter is moving away from us. that traffic is starting to slow down. we're dealing with a massive water main break in baltimore city. all the details coming up. [ knock on door ]
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good morning. >> this is your news to go. it sounds like a broken record. another water main break in baltimore city and more time to clean up. >> we have seen so many of these. but this is huge. and linda so is live at the scene of the break. linda, people have not crossed the street in some areas it is so bad. pgh
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>> reporter: you are going to see a lot of yellow tape. can you see that the water is in the street and the bge crews and we're told they will resume the work here. this was a 5-foot water main that broke and isn't it washing through the streets at north charles. it was so bad that the streets over 5 blocks. this goes back to the 1920s. the breaks can not be avoided because of how hold the infrastructure is and the work that has to be done you should not cut through the area. you will be detoured. and cars were stuck and people stranded as they deal with the water. >> and the pressure like that. and all this came out and i it
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is terrible. >> at this point they're not sure how long it will take before the streets here will get back to normal. and it is just best to avoid the area and in 15 minutes. crews will resume and dpw will try to shut the main. >> we're live in east baltimore, linda so. >> this break is so large 60 inches. it will take time to repair. do keep in mind that north charles is shut down from penn station to 21st street. 20th closed all the way to st. paul. you will want to stick with calvert and 83. and right now there are no delays traveling through the tunnel. harbor tunnel clear. we have a crash on 95. blocking two northbound lanes right now at route 32. traffic will be jammed up to route 175 if you are traveling on the beltway as we check in and take a look here at
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liberty. the outer loop is starting to pick up a 13 minute ride now from 795 and down to 95. traveling on the harrisburg express, there is nothing to get in the way here. down to 695. as you get into the jfx and head downtown. now let's go to lynette with a look at the forecast. >> let's talk how cold it is this morning. 36 in westminster and the winds out of the northwest at 6 miles an hour. it feels like 31 this morning. more of the same with the temperature coming in at 39 degrees. they are blowing miles an hour. that will continue throughout the day as we go throughout the day. we have a temperature at 38 and 7 miles an hour. and the gusts will be up to 30
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miles an hour the radar is try. it is causing problems now. you don't need the imtraditional but you need a big coat the winds and the temperatures will stay around 50. and we'll see clear skies, it will be a chilly night. >> and and the police. and the commissioner will officially be sworn in. and the ceremony is set for this evening. batts is taking over when there is a spike in the number of homicides. today we'll hear from baltimore city by the number of robberies in the city.
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we're live with the details. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the two agencies and the police are coming together to talk about the joint case they have been working on t stemmed back to october 1 when two baltimore men were arrested after a crime spree in the county and city. it involved robbery. kidnapping. assault and rape. the 11 victims were mostly young women. the youngest only 17 years old. several of the victims were students working together baltimore county and police located the criminals. they had been charged with felonies including first degree rape, kidnapping and armed robbery. both men are awaiting trial. they are being held without bail at the baltimore county detention center. the briefing will be held at 1 p.m. today. and abc will stream that live on our web site at live at federal hill. >> packed courtroom when jared
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loughner is sentenced. he pled guilty to the shooting at an event with congress woman gaby giffords. six died and others wounded. and one victim remembers the day and the events that unfolded that left scars. >> every time there is a loud sudden noise, sometimes expected, sometimes unexpected, it is shocking and it takes me back to that morning and the sound of that gunshot. >> reporter: giffords and her husband will be at the hearing. he pleaded guilty in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. and colts players are showing support for their coach who is battling leukaemia. they shaved their heads to honor the coach who used to coach with the ravens. now according to reports, he is in remission right now but still scheduled for two more rounds of chemotherapy. he has been on indefinitely leave since being diagnosed in
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september. time now for five things you may want to know. fort mead is celebrating rate ran's day. and members of the local vfw will be in attendance. the governor is speaking at morgan state the founder day's con very kay shon before celebrating its anniversary and the contributions they made to the community throughout their history. and at&t get caught in a lie? the fcc says yes. it announced plans to cover 96% of the country in with its 4g service. however curing the -- during a merger it could not do that unless it acquired the other carrier. they said they are lying saying that it would have expanded with or without t mobile. ticking off the shipping season when tough get your gifts in the mail to reach destinations. if you are spending packages overseas it needs to be
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postmarked by tuesday. and puerto ricans want to become a state. 61% supported state hood. now 4 million people in are american citizens and cannot vote for the president. and time now for a check on the weather. it has been such a dominant story. if you are heading out you want to know what to expect. >> expect to be windy and still very cold out there. but that nor'easter is well off to the north of us right now. we can see the center of the storm is spinning off long island and this will be causing problems. lots of snow. they'll get a break in the coming days. all in all. we'll be dealing with our break for today. look what we have. not a lot a few clouds that will gradually start to clear out as we go throughout the day. so our up time start today, meaning well get more sunshine
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and temperatures will go up as well. we're taking you tout bel air and the you can see the clouds. clearing will come into the area and more sunshine. but we are cold. we have that 14-mile per hour wind gust feeling like we're in the mid-# 0s across the area. only coming in at 32. feels like freezing there. and 36 degrees in baltimore. davidsonville and 37 in aberdeen. feel like temperature, wind chill that's what you need to dress for. 29 in manchester. it will be cold. >> things are improving. can you see the system pushing from us. chilly and windy. high pressure will start tpwheuld here. and do its thing. sunshine and clearing as we go throughout the day. picking up on that. the sunshine will stay around for a while.
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it will warm the temperatures up. 50 for today. windy now. that 50 will feel chillier than that. clear and cold at 33 and 55 by tomorrow. can you see we're going up. not too bad. check out the forecast. we're going with 60 on saturday. 65 on sunday and 67 on monday. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with lauren book. >> good morning. can we get a 07? >> maybe. [ laughter ] >> love the warm temperatures we need them. and it is very cold start. we're dealing with a want main break in baltimore. right in the barkley neighborhood it has shut down north charles street between penn station and 21st street. 20th will be closed all the way to st. paul. use 83 as an alternate route. it will be here a while. it will take time to repair.
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>> we are dealing with the crash on 95 along route 32. expect some congestion as you make the drive to route 175. and howard county this is what 70 looks like. no significant delays. this is what it looks like at liberty. megan and charlie back to you. and there may be a future politician there, they sent the video of their son, cameron, reacting to the presidential election on tuesday night. take a look. >> who is the president? >> obama. >> obama! >> yes! >> his mom says she was trying to get him to go bed around midnight but he wanted to dance and celebrate the big win. she has got him back to bed around 1 and he slept through
6:56 am
obama's victory speech. look at that. who needs it. he is dancing up a storm. >> that's a scene that's going to be doubly special around the pringle household r they dancing? >> they are. and a lot today. today is their first birthday. >> thank you to the producer who made cup cakes in their honor. they have champagne in them so they don't get them. we'll eat them here. >> to everyone who left messages on facebook thank you. i'm proud to be their mom. >> hard to believe a year ago today you did your final skype shot. you checked in throughout the course saying today would be the last. you went to the doctor for a normal check-up. >> she said the babies have to come out. and you know so big and uncomfortable. i said i could not be on tv any more. the last one they were born that day, you look great. >> and you are the best mother ever. >> thank you. i know how you feel about
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your mom. >> eat. >> cup cakes? >> it's time to change the way we clean. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free.
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powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health.
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